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Brooks’s individual and you will top-notch bills, invoices, accounts, etcetera

Collier; Silas Conant; Concord Flames Area; Concord Mill Dam Co

Nathan Brooks’s legal and you can financial interventions on the behalf of his sis Franklin Brooks with his cousin-in-rules Augustus Merrick compensate a serious percentage of so it telecommunications.

, is actually interfiled. These materials is created chronologically from the season, however, zero decide to try is made buying activities inside for every single folder. Unreceipted membership is submitted by date of the very recent entry.

Creditors and/or debtors about files away from debts, invoices, profile, notes, orders to have fee, or any other financial paperwork include: Chester Adams; James Adams; Amos Bronson Alcott; Phineas Allen; Allen & Atwill; American Domestic (Boston); Herman Atwill; John es Baker; Nehemiah Baseball; Edwin S. Barrett; Joel Barrett; Joseph Barrett; Sherman Barrett; Stephen Barrett; Dr. Josiah Bartlett; Lysander L. Bascom; Ephraim H. Bellows; George F. Bemis; Cyrus Benjamin; Francis Elizabeth. Bigelow; Heartwell Bigelow; Bradley Blanchard; Seth Blanchard; Charles Bowers; William Bowers; Joel Britton; Alfred Brooks; Caroline Brooks; Franklin Brooks; George Brooks; Hiram Brooks; Isaac Brooks; parece P. Brown; John Brownish, Jr.; Joshua Brown; Reuben Brown; Ephraim W. Bull; Michael Burke (1859); Samuel Burr; Samuel C. Burr; David Buttrick; Tilly Buttrick; John Chandler; James Chapman; Citizens’ Shared Insurance coverage Co.; Daniel Clark; Asa C. ; Hugh Coyle; Lemuel Curtis; Caleb Cushing; Isaac Cutter; Levi Dakin; Augusta Davis; Charles B. Davis; Josiah Davis; Moses Davis; Delano & Whitney; James Derby; Derby Brothers; William Dodge; Lorenzo Eaton; Jacob B. Farmer; Female College or university regarding Worcester; Fitchburg Rail Roadway Co.; John Flint; Nehemiah Flint; Daniel Garfield; John Garrison (1849; 1856; 1859; 1860; 1863); James Garty (1859); Asher Goodnow; John Goodnow; Jabez Gowing; Benjamin Hastings; Jonas Hastings; Abel B. Heywood; Abiel Heywood; Hilliard, Gray, & Co.; Hannah Hoar; Samuel Hoar; Silas Holden; Abel Hosmer; Edmund Hosmer; Isaac Hosmer; John Hosmer; Nathan Hosmer; Rufus Hosmer; Phineas Exactly how; Charles Hubbard; Cyrus Hubbard; Darius Hubbard; Hannah Hunstable; Daniel Search; Nehemiah Appear; Thomas Ford Check; Mary Hurd; Addison Hutchinson; Levi S. Hutchinson; Peter Hutchinson (undated; 1831; 1834; 1835; 1839; 1843; 1845); James Jones; Martha Keith; John Keyes; John LeGross/LeGros/Legros; Emelius Leppelman; Paul Litchfield; Absolutely nothing, Brown & Co.; Mason & Brooks; Timothy Meek; Ephraim Merriam; Augustus Merrick; Francis J. Moore; James Munroe & Co.; Nathaniel Munroe; William Munroe; Heman Newton; Seth Norcross; George Parker; William Parkman; Adolphus Parmenter; Joseph T. Peters; Elias Phinney; Francis Potter; Luke Potter; Alvan Pratt; Minot Pratt; George L. Prescott; Timothy Prescott; Moses Prichard; Reynolds & Derby; uel Ripley (1840); Cyrus Robbins; John Robbins; Luke Robbins; Luther Robbins; Peter Robbins (1835; 1837); William Stevens Robinson; Russell, Odiorne, & Co.; Eliza Scott; Charles C. Shackford; Daniel Shattuck; William Shepherd; Joseph A great. Smith; Spaulding (out-of Carlisle); Albert Stacy; John Stacy; Samuel Staples; R. S. Stewart; Jedediah Stone; Cyrus Pack; Nathan Brooks Stow; Edward Stowell; Daniel Tarbell; William Tarbell; Henry David Thoreau (1838; 1839; 1845); John Thoreau (undated; 1827; 1831); John Thoreau, Jr. (1839; 1840); Meters. Thoreau (1839); Sophia Age. Thoreau (1842); George W. Todd; Elisha Tolman; Trustees of your Congregational Ministerial Funds; Augustus Tuttle; Sarah Tuttle; Joel Viles; Walcott & Holden; Cyrus Warren; James Weir; Thomas D. Wesson; Daniel Wetherbee; Ephraim C. Wetherbee; Abiel H. Wheeler; William W. Wheildon; P. Whelan; John Light; Anne M. Whiting; William Whiting; Luke Williams; Elijah Wood; Timber & Prescott; Anthony Wright.

For boffins seeking to records according to anybody and you can business entities maybe not named more than, determining if a name looks within this portion of the collection need an excellent folder-by-folder examination of materials.

Merrick; Tilly Merrick; Middlesex Resort (Concord); Middlesex Shared Flame Insurance carrier; Darius Kilometers; Marshall Kilometers; Abel Moore; George Moore; John B

Debts and you can invoices for personal costs document Nathan Brooks’s lifetime into the unbelievable detail. Issues during the that it subseries let you know, instance: the hole of the tomb toward interment of the basic Mrs. Brooks from inside the 1820; the purchase away from cords out of walnut wood to burn during the Brooks’s office; payments in order to Anne M. Whiting having sounds knowledge to possess Caroline Brooks (1834) also to Samuel Ripley getting training to own George Brooks (1840); costs for new organization and you can process of your Concord Academy; a share because of the Nathan Brooks toward American Colonization People (1841); fees and penalties having his lack out of Concord Fire Society group meetings; their purchase of fresh fruit jpeoplemeet credits woods through Seth Blanchard regarding the Shakers into the Harvard (1846); and his awesome handling of the brand new bills out of his sibling Franklin.