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NDAX’s track record is solid, with no security breaches since its inception, maintaining a safe trading environment. With Coinberry, you’re able to deposit with many payment methods but the best one is through Interac-eTransfers where you can almost instantly get your funds on the exchange to be traded. Customer relationship is absolute trash stay away at all costs or you will lose your money with this crap company. Sometimes I have to log out and in a few times before i can use my funds and then same thing when I want to withdraw my crypto. Coinberry is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that takes security seriously.

  1. They will include the same logos and branding, same layout and text.
  2. Coinberry has partnered with several organizations and companies to improve its service and user experience.
  3. If choosing Interac, you will need to login to your online banking and send an e-transfer.
  4. This fee is built into the price you get from Coinberry so you can view this trading fee as a kind of spread that can change depending on the time.
  5. The credit provider’s final decision is made at their discretion, subject to decisioning criteria.

With all the new coins being offered I wish there was a way to filter out and save preferences on the mobile app. Canadians who are 18 or older can open a Coinberry account and start trading popular crypto assets. You will first need to go through the KYC process and prove your identity.

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However, they make up for this by not charging fees when you fund your account. If you’re new to crypto trading, I recommend that you check out Coinberry when exploring your options. Toronto-based Coinberry offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

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They are also backed by a form of insurance that protects against financial losses due to dishonest acts and unethical behavior from Coinberry employees. 1) Buy and sell 37 of the most popular cryptocurrencies using CAD. While this isn’t a huge range of coins compared to some other exchanges, if you are only looking to invest in the main crypto assets, you will find them at Coinberry. Currently, Coinberry offers CAD deposits with Bank transfers, Interac e-transfer, Credit Cards, and cryptocurrency.

Coinberry offers e-transfers (under 30 minutes) and wire transfers (0-3 business days). Deposits are free while withdrawals have a fixed fee of 1.50%. Tailored for beginners, NDAX boasts a clean and simple interface, quick CAD transactions, modest fees of only 0.2%, and free deposits.

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Then the magic happens automatically as you make recurring purchases of your favorite cryptocurrency. This saves a lot of time and it takes away some of the emotions from investing. Oleg is a Canadian citizen & crypto expert who has been trading since 2016. He started out with Coinbase, Kraken and Peer-to-Peer exchanges. After some time, centralized exchanges started charging crazy fees to their users.

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This is a simple payment processing solution for merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Funds can be immediately converted into CAD and deposited into your bank account. Coinberry Autopilot makes it easy to set up cryptocurrency purchases on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

This means Coinberry must follow all the anti-money laundering laws and perform Know Your Customer (KYC). Despite Coinberry being very new, I can see it being one of the best exchanges in the country. I like the the fact that they offer a referral bonus when you introduce others to their network. Get a $25 welcome bonus on Newton when you trade at least $100 in cryptocurrencies using this referral link or by clicking the button below – No Newton promo code required.

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Toju Ometoruwa is a Northeastern University alumni who is the co-founder of Pazima, a start-up that provides secure lending options for low-income workers. His passion is to empower communities across the African diaspora through the blockchain. Once the payment has been confirmed it should be credited to your trading account within 3 hours. You can then either copy the address that you have generated or you can use the QR code in a mobile wallet of some sort. The transaction will have to first be propagated through the network before it will show up in your balance. Once you have submitted these documents, Coinberry will have to manually verify it which could take anywhere from one to three business days.

Coinberry is one of Canada’s largest Cryptocurrency exchanges for Canadians to buy, sell and trade crypto on. Founded in 2017 by Andrei Poliakov and Evan Kuhn, Coinberry makes it easy for Canadians to deposit fiat and trade fiat into crypto. Once your account is established, there is very little delay to withdraw funds.

The simplicity of investing in coins and the safety features make it a great hub for crypto investors to stock up on the biggest crypto projects on the market. This selection of investment products though has increased over time, and as mentioned, Coinberry is relatively new. If you are looking for a secure platform that offers low fees at the same time and you only need to trade major cryptos for now, then they are still an excellent choice. Coinberry is an increasingly popular Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. Since being founded in Toronto in 2017 they have developed into a top choice for Canadian traders looking for a secure, low-cost trading environment that is well-regulated. Key to this is the fact that Coinberry is FINTRAC registered as a Money Service Business.

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I have contacted their office several times to clarify what I need to supply to make sure this doesn’t happen. Unfortunately I get the run around and I am kept waiting in limbo. Don’t expect support to respond after regular business hours; because they won’t.

This is the instantaneous purchase of crypto directly from Coinberry. If you are going to be funding with a wire transfer then you will need to take down the wiring instructions for the Coinberry bank account. You must also use your Coinberry account number as your reference. If you would prefer to fund your account with your fiat then you have quite a few options.

If you need a simple yet efficient trading platform, you definitely should. Coinberry is a well-respected Canadian digital asset trading platform with years of experience and a wide selection of tradeable cryptocurrencies. Lastly, Coinberry has to think globally (or at least cross-continentally) if it hopes to become a dominant force in the market. This ensures that if the company’s bank accounts were to ever be frozen, it would not affect the customers’ money. The use of segregated bank accounts also helps reduce the time it takes to process withdrawals to just 1 day.